25 Things to do in Budapest

From Samuel and Audrey – Travel and Food Videos youtube channel:

Join as we travel to Budapest, Hungary on a quest to visit as many attractions and discover as many things to do in Budapest as we possibly can.

Our Budapest travel guide offers visitors a glimpse at some of the top baths in the city along with fascinating things to do along the Danube river, architectural gems worth marveling over and museums to check out. We also hit up the local food scene slurping on Goulash and catapulting into legendary Budapest nightlife by visiting ruin bars.

From the iconic Parliament Building to Castles to Baths we’ve got you covered in a destination where you get two cities for the price of one – Buda and Pest. Divided by the Danube (Duna) you’ll want to spend ample time on both sides and if you’re like a lot of our friends you’ll never actually want to leave Budapest. Let’s explore Budapest and find out what is so alluring about the capital of Hungary.


From the vagabrother youtube channel:

Uzbekistan is the gem of Central Asia and is the next major tourism destination. This video will show you why you should visit Uzbekistan now, before it blows up. Learn the tips and hacks for traveling in Uzbekistan and explore Tashkent, eat 1500 pounds of plov (pilaf) at an Uzbek restaurant and get ready for an adventure along the Silk Road.

A World of Coincidences in New York

That the Big Apple is a special place, we already know that. Going further, Jonathan Higbee shows us the magic of  New York: a city made of lines and angles that in a particular moment are able to show us something else, something magic.

These pictures are made to be carefully observed and slowly tasting every details.

By his own admission, this master piece is Higbee’s love letter to the city that never sleeps.

(Click on the pictures to make them bigger)

Meat shaped pillows shop in the heart of Berlin

Aufschnitt is the crazy invention of textile designer and vegetarian Silvia Wald.

In this fake butcher shop you can find any kind meat shaped pillows (even human organs).

This shop with this unique concept is one of those places that you only find in Berlin.

Apart from meat and hams you can also find pillows that are more vegetarian friendly.
Like bread or cakes.

Get your dose of Multi-Kulti at the Karneval der Kulturen

Started in 1966, the Carnival of Cultures has been one of the most popular and largest open air festivals Berlin has to offer. In a city known for its open-air awesomness, how does this one stand out?

The Carnival of Cultures sheer amount of participants dwarfs many other of the city’s festivals. With over 4,700 performers from over 80 countries, the parade and street fair is massive. The festival attracts about 1. 5 million people every year.

The vibrancy and energy of the festivals is also unmatched. Berlin’s extrodiary diversity is on display in the form of Brazilian costumes and African drum beats. Berlin is the most international city in Germany and the mixture of cultures make for an extraordinary 4 day festival.

With the recent European Parliament elections showing a backlash against immigrants in the EU, this year’s carnival is even more important. The Carnival of Culture lets the cornucopia of differing nationalities put their best foot forward and celebrate cultural differences, rather than trying to mute them.

This year’s festivities start on June 6th and end on the 9th. The street parade on June 8th begins at Hermanplatz at 12:30, travel across Hansenheide and end at Mehringdamm at 21:00.

The street festivals run from Friday (16:00-24:00), Saturday and Sunday (11:00-24:00) and Monday (11:00-19:00) in Blucherplatz. Be there and soak in all that Berlin has to offer.


Fête de la Musique for all

Fête De la Musique is one a one of a kind chance for amateur and professional musicians to take over the city with free concerts. This strictly non commercial festival is a highlight in Berlin’s summer calendar.


Fête de la Musique began in France in 1982 as the brain child of the French Minister of culture, Jack Lang. After examining a study on French cultural habits, he discovered five million people, one out of every 2 children, played an instrument. His vision was to get these people out onto the streets to show off their craft. Since then, the festival has expanded to over 340 cities across the world. Across the world. the celebrations in adherence to the following principles.

1.European Music Fest takes place every year on 21st June, the day of the Summer solstice.

2. European Music Fest is a live music celebration aimed at enhancing the scope and diversity of musical practices in all the musical genres.

3. European Music Fest is an appeal to spontaneous and free participation open to individuals or ensembles (instrumen­tal or singing) and musical institutions to give both amateurs and professionals the opportunity to express their musical talent.

4. All concerts are free to the public.

5. European Music Fest is mainly an outdoor event taking place in streets, squares, public parks, playgrounds etc. Indoor venues may also be used as long as they respect the rule of free entry to the public. The European Music Fest is the opportunity to access and open places that are not traditionally concert venues to the public: museums, hospitals, public buildings…

6. European Music Fest is an exceptional day for all types of music and public. The co-organisers undertake to promote musical practice and live music within this framework without a profit-making goal.

Berlin has been celebrating this most non corporate of festivals since 1995.

Where to go in Berlin

With the music ban lifted from 16:00 to 22:00 on June 21st, you can pretty much go out your front door and probably catch a performance. The main hot spots are the old town in Spandau, Karl Marx Allee, Friedrichstrasse, Under de Linden, Rosa- Luxemburg Platz and the busquing hub, Mauer Park. Check out your local music scene to see what they have planned for the festival or browse through the programs in Berlin here


And don’t forget to bring plenty of beer and sunscreen!