Get your dose of Multi-Kulti at the Karneval der Kulturen

Every summer, Kreuzberg busts out its best costumes, floats, dancers, crafts, and foods from all over the world

Started in 1966, the Carnival of Cultures has been one of the most popular and largest open air festivals Berlin has to offer. In a city known for its open-air awesomness, how does this one stand out?

The Carnival of Cultures sheer amount of participants dwarfs many other of the city’s festivals. With over 4,700 performers from over 80 countries, the parade and street fair is massive. The festival attracts about 1. 5 million people every year.

The vibrancy and energy of the festivals is also unmatched. Berlin’s extrodiary diversity is on display in the form of Brazilian costumes and African drum beats. Berlin is the most international city in Germany and the mixture of cultures make for an extraordinary 4 day festival.

With the recent European Parliament elections showing a backlash against immigrants in the EU, this year’s carnival is even more important. The Carnival of Culture lets the cornucopia of differing nationalities put their best foot forward and celebrate cultural differences, rather than trying to mute them.

This year’s festivities start on June 6th and end on the 9th. The street parade on June 8th begins at Hermanplatz at 12:30, travel across Hansenheide and end at Mehringdamm at 21:00.

The street festivals run from Friday (16:00-24:00), Saturday and Sunday (11:00-24:00) and Monday (11:00-19:00) in Blucherplatz. Be there and soak in all that Berlin has to offer.


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