3 Ways AI Will Continue To Accelerate The Transition To Remote Work


The article evaluates the 3 methods which IA is expected to assist in the shift to remote working: by utilizing a robot-coach that can help improve efficiency at work, giving real-time responses on employee involvement and also offering discovering devices.

Article preview:

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses of all shapes and sizes have had to quickly adapt to remote work. Many experts predict that this year’s rapid transition to remote work constitutes a point of no return.

In many ways, the growth of remote work parallels the growth of artificial intelligence (AI). It wasn’t so long ago that AI was confined to the realm of science fiction. Now, like remote work, AI promises to transform nearly every industry and every company. As we look to the future, AI will almost inevitably accelerate our transition to remote work after Covid-19.

Robot coaches 

Robots are the most concrete manifestation of AI. Surrounded by AI-powered conversational agents like Alexa and Siri, the idea of conversing with an AI agent and relying on it for assistance is certainly not novel.


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