DaVinci Kitchen is building a robotic kiosk to prepare pasta

The Leipzig start-up, DaVinci Kitchen, is responding to the demands from the catering market creating a modular robot kiosk that cooks Italian pasta dishes. The robot is able to prepare, cook and serve the pasta in about six minutes.

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The robotics industry is having a major moment amid the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s true that category has been an exciting target for investments for a number of years now, but labor issues and concerns over transmission have led many sectors to take a good, long look at automation.

Meal preparation is a prime target. It’s an essential service and one that finds human hands coming into direct content with food. Leipzig, Germany-based DaVinci Kitchen is looking to tackle issues around food preparation with the launch of a modular robotic kiosk that cooks Italian-themed pasta dishes.

In 2018, German incubator 2b AHEAD Ventures assembled the team that would become DaVinci to address concerns around labor shortages in the food preparation industry.


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