Instagram is creating an equity team and wants to hire a diversity and inclusion manager

Adam Mosseri, Chief Executive Officer of Instagram, writes in a blog post that they want to increase equal rights in the work environment as well as address the issue of prejudice in product development. The platform wishes to offer more area to user teams that intend to bring recognition to the civil, social and racial reasons in which they believe.

Article preview:

Instagram announced some changes it’s making that are geared toward advancing equity within its workplace. The changes come after Instagram in June spoke about elevating, rather than suppressing, Black voices in light of the killing of George Floyd.

“More than ever, people are turning to the platform to raise awareness for the racial, civic, and social causes they care about,” Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, wrote in a blog post. “It’s a big part of why we committed in June to review the ways Instagram could be underserving certain groups of people. We have a responsibility to look at what we build and how we build, so that people’s experiences with our product better mirrors the actions and aspirations of our community.”


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