Thinking of the Fujifilm XT4? Consider the XT2, XT3, or XH1

Save your money!

With the release of the Fuji XT4, it got me thinking if it would be worth the upgrade. I’ll be honest, I’m normally weak and I love new gear, but this year I’m turning a new leaf and sticking with my gear until there’s a major reason I need a new camera.

Since I already have the Fujifilm XT2, XT3, and XH1, I thought it’d nice to chat about them compared to the new features of the XT4.

While the XT4 looks great, since I already have a full Fuji stable, I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping they’ll release something killer next year for the XH2.

And for those considering making the move to Fujifilm, the XT2, XT3 and XH1 are excellent choices right now since you can save a ton of money second hand, so look at your local Kijiji or Craig’s List.

I ran into some audio issues, so I promise better audio in the next vid! And a big thanks in advance to the awesome YouTubers I follow and borrowed the clips from. Hope that’s ok! Please check out their channels!

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